Field efficiency on the map

Selection of fields by performed technological operations

Creating and displaying land parcels

A quick solution for displaying lease agreements

Mobile application for Android and iOS

Operational data on field cultivation has become even more available

PreAgri mobile app

Scouting and planning field works

Agroholding received the Agro solution based on PreAgri

Automation of determination and calculation of field works

Monitoring the growing of plants

Reports with the dynamics of plant growing, precipitation, soil moisture and other indicators


Donations from outside ukraine

Assignment, crop rotation and planning

Field work operational planning

Export cartograms in KMZ format

The results preservation of soil agrochemical analysis processing

Integration with the RP5 weather resource

Machines and equipment reports on downtime, moving and field work

Field scouting, active temperatures sum

Changes dynamics in soil moisture, precipitation and irrigation

Fertilizer calculation for the planned yield

NDVI images list with curtain function

NDVI update

Data display from the nearest weather station on the map and field map

Printing stickers for soil samples

Using formulas to populate and update attributes

Field measurement in the area

The ability to bypass and save the field contour

Fuel Movement Report

Integration with gas stations

Cost statistics

Comparison costs for machines and trailing equipment

Operational mileage reports

Calculation of vehicle mileage statistics by clusters

Forming a sampling route

The direction of movement on the terrain has been added

Detailed report on field work

Expanded report by divisions, technological operations, fields and cultures

Field card

Information about the field, weather, inspection and field work

Crop statistics and NDVI

Calculating statistics and highlighting fields on the map

Digital farming

Making prescription maps for field equipment

Operational statistics in the smartphone

Information on the mileage and the volume of work performed on technological operations

Automatic loading and processing

PreAgri at MoreTools page of the JOHN DEERE Operations Center

PreAgri will presents updates at It-Corner 2019

Only October 29-31, new agro-business solutions from PreAgri

Fort Monitor Integration

Additional features for calculating aromatization

Updated John Deere data exchange module

Automatic loading and generation of reports for field works

Agro reports cover all equipment and land bank

Automatic calculation of the area of work in real time

Telematics module updates

Automatic calculation of the completed field works

IoT Agriculture Solutions

PreAgri develops crop yield prediction solution

PreAgri is available in Portuguese

What next language would you like PreAgri to speak?

Samples of of Java and JavaScript requests

The results list of NDVI maps

NDVI snapshot of the field for only $0.2

Just 5 minutes for registration and $1000 saving!

Integration with weather stations Pessl Instruments

Indicators of sensors and weather forecast, monitoring of plant diseases and insects

Smart Field Days 2018

Field demonstration of smart and digital technologies in agriculture

International Field Days 2018 in Ukraine

PreAgri solutions at the International Field Day in Ukraine

DLG-Feldtage 2018

PreAgri solution at Field Day in Germany

Agromodule for GPS monitoring

Calculation of the cultivated area taking into account the work in the field of several equipment units

GPS monitoring

What features will the new GPS tracking module have on PreAgri?

PreAgri integration with Wialon

Moving equipment in real time

Smart Agro Forum

4th international specialized agricultural forum

Integration with Trimble field equipment

Online information exchange through Trimble API

We opened a new office in Kyiv

We invite agricultural companies and integrators to cooperate

Land bank and rights to it

How to set up a control system for accounting data and actual land use?

The map of slopes

Why build terrain maps and calculate slopes?

How to get the accurate coordinates of the moving machines?

Additional features for GPS equipment with RTK mode

Making relief map

Terrain maps by field works data

Visualization of soil density data

Automatic mapping based on soil survey data

Layers "Sowing" and "Yield" on the map

Checking the yield with the formation of a reporting form

Images on the map

New mechanism to display images on the map

NDVI maps of Sentinel 2, Landsat 8, PlanetScope and RapidEye

Automatic algorithm for loading and analyzing the amount of active biomass

Workshop on June 8, 2017 from 3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m

AGRO-2017, pavilion No. 5 - Complex solutions for precision agriculture

Designing soil sampling maps

Making cartograms and prescription maps

Prescription maps for field eqipment

Defferencial seeding and planting helps to save from 5% to 20%

Downloading field works automatically

Checking of doing tasks for selected field and equipment

Display of rental maps of share areas

Adjust the display of objects depending on the date

PreAgri participation in GIS FORUM 2017

Program of GIS FORUM 2017 events

We support weather stations of Bitrek

Displaying the meteorological parameters on the map

Public NDVI layer added

The last map indexes of vegetation from Landsat 8

Land bank management

Create and edit fields become accessible in the map

New tariff plans

PreAgri becomes more accessible for farmers

Interagro - 2016

International Exhibition of Agricultural Technology

We support John Deere

Displaying fields and position of vehicles on the map of precision agriculture

GPS monitoring

Dynamic displaying track moving vehicles

Complete agricultural solution

Increasing the efficiency of using of agricultural land and equipment

PreAgri at the Agroexpo exhibition 2016

Monitoring equipment, planning and control of field work

Support soil scanner of Veris

Conductivity, organic matter and the acidity of the soil

AGRO Startup Crash Test

Our goals, key features and our plans

Precision farming 2016

Practical experience of using the PreAgri service

What and where is sown

Display of cultures on the map

Help section has been created

Video instructions, articles and presentations

RavenX field day

Communication with Slingshot

The map of land bank

Comparing different maps

Verification of field works online

Auto calculation of the field boundary

June 8-11 Exhibition AGRO-2016

Online service PreAgri for precision agriculture

The map of precision agriculture

Communication with Raven field equipment

Leading technology of precision agriculture

Actual flow rates of seed, fertilizer and harvest