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A lot of companies also do not realize that equipment installed on tractors and allowing to drive with centimeter accuracy can also be used to monitor the movement of machines and get an accurate routs. With this data, it is possible to perform an operative calculation of the processed area, to update boundaries of fields, and also to build accurate terrain maps based on these data. Some field equipment allows you to take this data in real time via the API, also RTK corrections providers can provide API access to this data for their users. To increase productivity and simplify the collection of information, we have developed a system that can take data directly when equipment receives RTK equipment corrections. Thus, we can receive information as quickly as possible and know the accuracy of the received coordinates. So, for these data, we can apply monitoring algorithms similar to standard GPS devices. At this time, the PreAgri team is upgrading the GPS tracking module.

How to get the accurate coordinates of the moving machines?

Additional features for GPS equipment with RTK mode